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Tower Arch

Sun Dial


The Tower and Church Yard

The massive Cornish Granite stones that form the TOWER of over 80ft. were brought from Zennor by sea and landed at the east end of the church where a field once existed. The PINNACLES rest on the backs of angels.

There are only two BELLS in the tower, cast at Hayle in 1830. The church is surrounded by houses so a full peal of bells would be popular with ringers but not with the neighbours! The CLOCK by J. B. Joyce replaced a single-handed clock in 1935.

The base of the tower may be part of an earlier church.  

The TOWER WINDOW tracery is ancient - the 1863 glass depicts the story of Dorcas told in the Bible, Acts 9 vv. 36-43.

The TOWER ARCH is asymmetrical, due to lack of space when the south aisle was added slightly later.

Through the WROUGHT IRON CHURCHYARD GATE, designed by St. Ives artist Millar Watt c.1939 (below, left), the weathered 15TH CENTURY CROSS depicts God the father upholding His crucified Son.

Look up to see the 15th - Century gargoyle and grotesques above the sundial on the outside wall of the Trenwith Aisle.

THANK YOU for visiting our Parish Church.

You have not been visiting a museum but a house of prayer where Christians worship the living Lord.

Our forebears built this place for the glory of God. We do our best to keep that love alive, the church open and in good repair. This costs more than £120 a day. If you would like to give help, please contact us to make a donation.

You are always welcome at our services.


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