St. Ives Parish Church Cornwall: History



Station of Cross

The North Aisle

The BAPTISTERY was designed by Stephen Dykes-Bower in 1956, the woodwork carved by John Williams of St. Austell.

The four angels in the Baptistery roof were restored, gilded and painted by St. Ives Conservators Elizabeth and John Cynddylan with gilder and calligrapher Jenny Hancox in 1996.

The FONT below is granite and 15th century. The carving around the pedestal represents demons cast out by Baptism. Baptism brings men, women and children into the Christian community. The chequered pavement, consisting of 12,000 Delabole slates set on edge, was made by the St. Ives firm of Kent & Jenkins in 1956. Photograph of the font copyright John Fill.



The FISHERMEN’S AISLE in which the Baptistery stands has plain glass windows, said to enable the fishermen to keep an eye on their boats in the harbour!

The PULPIT is made from ancient bench ends and replaces an earlier three decker (three-storey) pulpit the sounding board of which is now the lid of the font.




Around the walls of the church are the STATIONS OF THE CROSS, carved by St. Ives craftsman Wharton Lang in 1978. The Stations follow the steps of Jesus to his crucifixion at Calvary.



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