St. Ives Parish Church Cornwall Worship and Services


8:00am SAID MASS

9:30am FULL CHORAL SUNG MASS (Anglo Catholic style liturgy with incense and Sanctus bells)

All services are inclusive and open to EVERYONE. 

A welcome is extended to those present at the Sunday morning service to stay for Refreshments.

CHILDREN: All children are invited to join us for the service.  There is a well equipped children’s area in church.

EVENING SERVICE and BenedictionOn special occasions, see 'What's On' on home page


CHRISTIAN MEDITATION GROUP meets Monday in the Lady Chapel at 7.30pm

WEEKDAY MASS is celebrated by the clergy on Friday Morning at 10.30am  Everyone is welcome

FOR HOLY DAYS AND DAYS OF OBLIGATION please refer to the weekly pew sheet news included on the website.

Please contact Fr Nicholas Widdows

St Ives Parish Church is Church of England (C of E) which is part of the world wide Anglican communion.


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About our worship and services


The worship at St. Ives Parish Church is in the Anglo Catholic Tradition.  This means our main Sunday services are full of colour, incense, deep spiritual symbols and splendid choral music to lift us all into heavenly places.

During the week, our services are simple, highly personal and are held in the beautiful Lady Chapel.

Christian Meditation

The Christian meditation group provides worshipers with 45 minutes of support and practice in the art of silent meditative prayer according to the World Community for Christian Meditation.  We meet every Monday in the Lady Chapel (side door entrance off St. Andrews Street) for a 7:30pm start. We prepare for meditation with a short reading and relaxing music. We then spend about 25 minutes in meditation silently repeating a mantra, before ending at 8:00pm with a short prayer. After some time for reflection and discussion, we usually finish at about 8:15. Our small group welcomes visitors all the year around so please come and join us.