Weddings at St. Ives Parish Church Cornwall

wedding st ives parish churchSt Ives is one of the most beautiful seaside towns in the country and welcomes thousands of people from all over the world every year. Golden sands, blue seas and fishing boats create a magical atmosphere making it the perfect venue for you wedding.

The Parish church of St Ia sits almost on the harbour with the most stunning views from all around the bay.  This makes it a fabulous venue for your Christian wedding ceremony. As well as the beautifully decorated interior, the garden around the church provides a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photographs.

St Ives church is always willing to help and support any couples who are thinking about their wedding in the Parish Church of St Ia. Through our music director and knowledge of the local wedding venues and services offered, we can help ensure that you make the most of this sacred expression of companionship and Gods love

If you are interested in a wedding with us please note that even if you do not live in St Ives we still may be able to help you fulfil your special day in such a fabulous building and sacred space. The law has now changed which may make things easier for you to marry in the Church of England If you satisfy the requirements of the law of this land we feel sure that we can help you.

We can also arrange with you Wedding Blessings and anniversary Blessings.

Please contact Fr Nicholas Widdows




St Ives Parish Church is Church of England (C of E) which is part of the world wide Anglican communion.


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